Celine power


Celine Power is a forward-looking company that invests in the latest technologies to offer the end user the following andvantage: 

1. Use of renewable energy 

2. Protect the environment 

3. Live healthier

4. Save money

5. 100% Independence from power providers

....and above all to save money in electric bills,

with our Infrared heaters saves you until

60% energy cost....and a lot more benefits

with Infrared heaters from Celine Power .


100% Independence from power providers

at an unbeatable price with Celine Solar Power:

The Power & Save PV System from 
©Celine Power 

The World´s first and only Solar Panel with integrated Inverter, Battery Storage and Controller.

Power & Save: Connect it and Save. It is that simple to convert sunlight into electricity, with the first worldwide mobile solar system with integrated energy storage

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