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Celine Power Infrared heating 

Celine Power seeks the world's best technologies that contribute to an eco-friendly life is possible,
thus also save energy and money.

Celine Power Infrared heaters  is the world's best heating for environmentally friendly, healthy,

feel-good forming and economical heating.

We have tested our new developed technology with Seibersdorf Laboratory in Austria (August 2013) and....
....Celine Power Infrared heaters perform 18% better than the best know european brand.


What is means it that Celine Power panels produce around 18% more infrared waves than the best european made panels.


Celine Solar Power, Photovoltaic systems

In the solar (photovoltaic) sector we provide from the October 2013

©Celine Power  present Plug & Save Solar system.

The World´s first and only Solar Panel with integrated Inverter, Battery Storage and Controller.

Plug & Save: Connect it and Save. It is that simple to convert sunlight into electricity,

with the first worldwide mobile solar system with integrated energy storage

The days of monopoly power provider is over .. with Plug & Save Solar system everyone will independend of the current provider,

and that even from 600 Euros.

The goal of Celine Power is to use the natural energies and the latest technology

to provide the end-user cost-saving and energy-saving products.

With Celine Infrapower Infrared heating and Plug & Save we are the market leader worldwide.

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