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Dry walls and the creation of mould or condesation is avoided


Unlike conventional heaters which just heat the air, infrared heaters from CELINE POWER heat the walls.

The walls store heat much longer than the air and release it slowly and evenly back into the room. Thus, the walls remain dry and mould has no chance to spread.

With warm surfaces, such as those produced by CELINE POWER infrared heaters, you feel thermal comfort already at much lower ambient air temperature.

So it is possible to save energy already at each venting, because the fresh air must be less heated. The heat is stored in the walls.

Economical to run


Zone heating, the fact that you are in control of where and when you want heating means, you can make savings on your building’s energy usage. Infrared heaters by  CELINE POWER consume less energy than other heating systems.

With infrared heaters from CELINE POWER it is possible to heat according to your individual needs. Due to the variable application you will receive comfortable heat, permanently or at times, exactly where it is needed. Even in a single room several different thermal comfort zones can be generated.

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Initial investment and installation of CELINE POWER infrared heating panels is moderate compared to conventional heating systems. They are free of maintenance and no further costs or replacement of parts can apply. CELINE POWER infrared-heaters do not require expensive piping, a socket is sufficient. The installation is done with screws to the wall, ceiling or mobile with the optional floor stands.

Thanks to its timeless elegant design, the only 2.5 cm thick panels integrate harmoniously into any living area. CELINE POWER infrared-heaters convert 100 % of the energy consumed in comfortable warmth. They heat quickly and accurately.

No dust circulation


Conventional heaters mainly heat the surrounding air, resulting in high air ventilation. The hot air will stay at the ceiling and the heat will distributed uneven. This means that convection heaters efficiently disperse dust and other airborne particles throughout buildings.

With infrared heaters from CELINE POWER the infrared radiation will be distributed uniformly in the room and absorbed by objects and walls. No dust is stirred up and harmed ventilation increase human well-being.

Increased blood circulation


Increased blood circulation strengthens the immune system

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