The purchase costs of CELINE POWER radiant panels are much lower than all other heating systems. Furthermore there are almost no installation costs. CELINE POWER panels can be fixed and mounted very easy and fast in 5 to 10 minutes.

As with any form of heating, running costs will vary depending on the construction of the building, the quality of insulation, and the natural heat retention properties of the building. As soon as the infrared panel from CELINE POWER is energized, the radiant heat soaks into your walls, floor and ceiling, so that the whole surface area of the room is evenly heated.

Heat flows from hot to cold bodies. Since infrared heat panels warm the room surfaces evenly, your own body temperature tends to remain more stable. This means that although the air may be maintained at a cooler setpoint, you still feel comfortably warm.

Comfortable warmth at a lower thermostat setting – that’s saving energy.


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