Infrared - inspired by nature


optimumirspectrumOnly the warming rays of the sun have enabled life on our planet. The warmth we feel in the sunlight, but also in front of a fireplace or a stove, is infrared radiation. On a winter day the cool air does not bother us as long as the warming rays of the sun reach us directly. Infrared radiation overcomes the distance between the sun and the earth nearly without losses and turns into heat once hitting the surface. In contrary to UV or X-ray radiation particularly the long-wave infrared-C range has a positive impact on human well-being.

Infrared radiant panels from CELINE POWER use the same principle as the sun. It is easy to feel the difference between having the rays hit your body and when they stop (for example when the sun is blocked by a cloud). The rays of the sun do mainly not heat the air but the bodies they hit. The sun is the world’s best heater. The rays used for heating are the infrared rays.

Infrared heats people and objects directly without the need to heat up the air in between unlike convection heaters, which primarily work on heating the circulating air. Infrared rays warm the skin and the heat is then passed by the blood circulation around the body. Because people (and other animals) are most sensitive to radiant effects, this leads to an extremely comfortable feeling of warmth at lower air temperatures.

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