Developed in Austria

As our heating element (carbon fiber with nickel and nano silver conductor) was developed by Austrian technicians and laboratories (in cooperation with Japanese and German suppliers)



Geprüfte Sicherheit (‘Tested Safety’) or ‘GS’ mark issued by TUV Rheinland Germany indicates that the equipment meets German and European safety requirements.

In the GS test TUV check whether the product meets the requirements of the Product Safety Act and other legislation in ensuring the protection of the health and safety of persons. This includes the requirements of the European directives which are implemented with the Product Safety Act and its regulations (e.g. Low Voltage Directive and Machinery Directive).

The GS mark means that a laboratory authorized by German state, has tested the product and production monitoring was carried out.



With the CE marking we declares that the products meet the requirements of the applicable EC directives. All our infrared panels comply with the ‘Low Voltage Directive’ and the ‘EMC Directive’.



This certification shows that CELINE POWER infrared panels are according to US and Canadian governments clearly defined regulations which products, especially electronics equipment must satisfy before they can be approved for sale.


Seibersdorf Laboratories

At this technology centre located in Austria (Europe), we are regularly testing the heating element and further developing and improving the efficiency. Together with the technicians of Seibersdorf laboratories, we are constantly trying to find new paths and solutions of increasing the infrared output of the panels in order to meet customers’ expectations.

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